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"ADPC's Land Information Utility is an incredible tool for anyone involved in municipal government and services. The information available, at your fingertips, can help municipalities manage their current services and plan wisely for the future."
Steve Raftery, Community Development Coordinator, Town of Bridgetown

Connected Anywhere, Anytime!

Our Administrative and Public Interface will connect Staff, Administration, Council, and your citizens to real time information services.

Your GIS department can make changes to LIU and everyone sees it instantly reducing staff time and leaving more time on data quality and enhancements.

Manage and Track Assets

From planning strategies to tracking public works asset life cycles, changes; all managed from one secure source to make data retrieval effortless. Build long term capital plans, coordinate asset replacement, and build historical data to be accountable.

We use the latest programming technologies to build your custom tools.

Can’t Justify Building a
GIS Department

Establishing a GIS department can be expensive for small local government. Use our expertise to develop your GIS without the fixed expenses of Hardware, Software, Salaries, and management.

Pay for the services you need when you need them using our task based management system.

We Manage It For You


Our unique location intelligence applications and secure virtual IT management reduces the cost of providing information services.

We manage all your hardware and software through Virtualization which is flexible, scaleable, and efficient management of enterprise class operations which is optimized for small and medium-sized local governments.

Save as much as 35% on your management costs.