LIU Administrator

leap.pngLeap forward quickly to today's technology using our LIU for local government administrators. Using the power of GIS and our IT infrastructure you can be connected anywhere, anytime, on any device. See your entire location based information services in one common picture. LIU admin is directly connected with our public facing interface and the public can map and report issues in real time notifying staff by email and/or text messaging. Our user friendly online editing features empower staff to create, maintain, and distribute their entire GIS system.


LIU Public


Local governments priority is the efficient and cost effective delivery of services for their citizens. Our dynamic LIU for the public helps to keep citizens informed with the latest information at their fingertips. This dramatically reduces time that staff process information requests. Local businesses like real estate, engineers, construction, and others can get the information they need before they request services. In real time, the public can let local government know when issues surface that require immediate attention. From potholes to clogged drains and everything in between the right people will know about it!