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An Incredible Year!

We have turned off the ice plant for another season, and are watching the ice slowly melt as spring arrives in Lawrencetown.  Although we are a little sad to see the ice, skating and hockey stop for the spring and summer, we are always glad to see the arrival of spring!

Our fun moves outdoors now, although the women’s hockey team will be extending their season with practices at Greenwood Gardens as we prepare for the invitational hockey tournament in Liverpool May 23rd – 25th!  Our Kid’s Shinney Tournament at year-end was a wonderful day of hockey, with kids and parents, both!!  Check out our photos from that wonderful day.

We think back over many memories of the year gone by – it has been a very busy year!  The arena has undergone major work under the ice, with new post supports, new drainage paths and materials, a new electrical room and new front half of the canteen.

The Learn-to-Skate program enjoyed another successful year with a large slate of skaters, once again. Thrive! programming underwrote the costs of 8 weeks of three levels of youth shinney hockey, 8 weeks of after-school skating with LCS, and a full winter of pre-school skating, so participants could play for FREE!  In addition, we introduced the new healthy eating menu from the Valley Thrive! initiative!

Broomballers, COG students, Guys and Gals hockey, the 4-on-4 men’s hockey league, the women’s hockey group, two Guys and Gals tournaments, the women’s tournament, the EMS-hosted Barn Tournament, the Kids’ Shinney tournament, an Ice Show, and two Lawrencetown Cups kept us busy all winter!

A big thank you to our staff, the wonderful trio of Rickey Beals, Linda Wood and John Bath, for their dedication to making beautiful ice and especially, for making everyone who comes through the door feel welcome in our community rink!  We think the world of our staff.

A big thank you goes out to all our tournament organizers and program coordinators, for bringing life to the arena programs.  We really appreciated the leadership of Linda Wood, Adam Illsley, Troy Emmett, Denise Naugler, Meghann Moore, Shyloe Emmett, and Jeff des Fosses for organizing the programs and tournaments this year!  A special thank you to Troy Emmett for his work in organizing the men’s 4-on-4 hockey league this year, to Angie Cress and the Learn-to-Skate coaches for another great year of Learn-to-Skate, to Darryl Bowlby for stepping up to coach the teen shinney hockey, to the Beals’ family for our new adventures in Breakfast-at-the-Rink, and to Steve Baskwill for keeping our website updated with news and photos! We are blessed to work with such wonderful contributors.

Thanks to the directors for giving their time and making the commitment to maintaining and improving the arena.  The 2013 year saw incredible strides forward in improvements, from the building reconstruction to upgrades in energy efficiency to changes for safety.  The arena continues to change every month!

A very big THANK YOU goes out to all our volunteers who help with maintenance, pipe rolling, canteen, coaching, materials, services and wherever a hand is needed. Thanks for making this the special place it is….we could never do it without YOU!

The ice is indeed melting, and the arena is looking ahead to renovations this spring and summer.  With wise use of our capital funds and the support of so many helpers, this summer we are preparing for that final stage of the major renovations – the concrete floor with the in-floor piping!!  Watch for news as this exciting stage begins development – as soon as the ice melts!

Congratulations to our region’s own Kingston Credit Union Centre, top Eastern winner in the 2014 Kraft Hockeyville contest!!  Renovations are already underway at their arena, with the $100,000 prize money and the hard work of Kingston area citizens paving their way to a new concrete floor.  We wish to thank the Kingston Arena for their donation of glass partitions and board vinyl coverings to our arena – we are so appreciative of their support and cannot wait to see it installed in Lawrencetown!

Stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and we’ll see you on the ice this fall!!





General Ice Rental (Per Hour):  $90.00
Youth Organization Rental (Per Hour):  $60.00
Birthday Party Rental (One Hour Ice Time and One Hour Warm Room): $60.00
Public Skating – Adults:     $2.00
Public Skating – Youth/Students: $1.00
Shinny Hockey – Per Session:  FREE
Monday Adult Skating $3.00
Monday Pre-school Skating (with an adult) FREE

Use the Schedule button to check available ice times and program contact information. For more information or to book ice time, call 584-3349. If we’re busy elsewhere at the time, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Board of Directors 2013-2014
Lynn Roscoe (Chair)       Troy Emmett (Vice Chair)       Dave Roscoe      Ron Taylor    Vickie Weir  
Denise Naugler     Crystal Whitman-Weaver



The Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena is a non-profit organization that provides a winter sports arena and a
summer indoor resource building for the community. The indoor winter ice surface sees learn-to-skate, power skating,
shinney hockey, men's hockey, women's hockey, and public/private skating opportunities provided for all ages.
The arena maintains its low cost ice rental fees through the support of its volunteers and fundraising by the community!

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