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The Dave Wynn Memorial Classic Schedule 2017

"A" Division

  "Women's" Division
K'ville Emergency Services(KES)   Ice Queens (IQ)
South Shore 1 (SS 1)   Shindiggers (SD)
Valley 1 (Renaud)   Knuckle Pucks (KP)
Blockhouse Rum Runners (BRR    
"B" Divison (Pool A)   "B" Division (Pool B)
Valley 2 (Desfosses)   Yarmouth (YAR)
Kingston Fire Department (KFD)   South Shore 2 (SS2)
Northern (NOR)   EHS Fleet (EHSF)
February 10th Home Room # vs Away Room #  
17:30-19:00   Valley 1 1   KES 3 A
19:00-20:30   BRR 2   SS1 4 A
20:30-22:00   Valley 2 1   KFD 3 B(a)
22:00-23:30   SS2 2   EHSF 4 B(b)
February 11th Home Room # vs Away Room #  
08:00-09:30   SD 1   KP 3 W
09:30-11:00   Valley 2 2   NOR 4 B(a)
11:00-12:30   SS2 1   YAR 3 B(b)
12:30-14:00   Valley 1 2   SS1 4 A
14:15-15:45   KP 1   IQ 3 W
15:45-17:15   KFD 2   NOR 4 B(a)
17:15-18:45   YAR 1   EHSF 3 B(b)
18:45-20:15   SD 2   IQ 4 W
20:30-22:00   BRR 1   KES 3 A
22:00-23:30   3rd(A) 2   3rd(B) 4 B
February 12th            
08:00-09:30   2nd 1   3rd 3 W
09:30-11:00   1st(a) 2   2nd(b) 4 B
11:00-12:30   1st(b) 1   2nd(a) 3 B
12:30-14:00   Valley 1 2   BRR 4 A
14:15-15:45   SS1 1   KES 3 A
15:45-17:15   1st  2   Winner 4 W
17:15-18:45   Semi 1 1   Semi 2 3 B
18:45-20:15   1st 2   2nd 4 A

Playing rules

 Playing rules are those of Hockey Canada and Hockey Nova Scotia

 All teams are guaranteed of playing 3 games (2 divisions of 4 teams) in the tournament, in a round robin format. The 2 top teams of each division will play in their respective final.

 If there is a tie at first position the following will be applied:

1) The greater number of games won in regulation.

2) The greater number of points earned in game between the tied clubs. ( Win (regulation) = 3 points, OT Win = 2 points, OT loss = 1 point, Loss (regulation) ( = 0 points)

3) The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire Tournament. (There will be a max of 7 goal differential allowed per game, since I don’t want any teams to run the score up on other teams.)

 Body checking is strictly prohibited.

Slap shot is strictly prohibited.

Each game consists of 3 periods of 13 minutes stop time.

 Resurfacing of the ice will be done at the end of each game, wait for the buzzer to sound before getting on the ice to give it time to freeze. Failure to do so will result in a warning for the first offence followed by a 2min penalty for the following offence. We want to make sure we give ourselves the best ice surface for the whole tournament so please respect the rule.  

 If, during a game, a team is behind by 7 goals or more, the remaining time of the game will be played running time. Starting in the third (3rd) period at the discretion of the loosing team.

Each team has a 30 seconds time out per game

 Regular games & Finals

 If the final is tied after the 39 minutes of play there will be a 5 minutes OT period stop time. If the game is still tied after the 5 minutes, shootout will follow.


 The referee will ask the team to designate 3 players for the first round. Should the tie not be broken after the first round, the team will designate 1 player at a time as required.

 All players (except goaltenders) must take part in the shootout before any player does so twice.

 The receiving team will have the choice to shoot first or not.

The penalty shot rules are in effect for the shootout.

Shots are taken in turn.

The team having scored most goals in the complete round is declared the winner.

The game ends when the tie is broken following an equal number of shots by each team.

 General information

 Unless prescribed by a doctor, the use of oxygen or any other medical substance is strictly forbidden.

 Neck protectors are recommended but not obligatory.

 The tournament is not responsible for any injury to players, or to the personnel of the teams.

 The canteen will be open as well serving burgers, hot dogs, fries and onion rings.

Note: The canteen will be serving breakfast as well on Sunday until stock is gone. They have lots of food. It is very good so please support them as well.

 There will be 2 referees.

 This is a fun event, so go out there and have fun. The tournament will not tolerate any fights and/or players deemed dangerous for the safety of others. This will therefore result in an immediate game expulsion as well as a suspension for the rest of the tournament.

 If a player gets 3 minors in the same game, this player will be expulsed from the game and will have to wait for his next game. Should that same player get 3 minors again in another game this will result in a tournament expulsion. Keep it clean out there. The referees are told to let play and will only call anything obvious. 

Lawrencetown Cup 2017
'A' Cup Champs - Molson Kings   'A' Cup Presentation
'B' Cup Champs - Naughty Pines   'B' Cup Presentation
Team Pierce - Runners Up B   Townies Destroyers - Runners Up A






The Arena is now registered as an HST collector, so prices have been adjusted to
incorporate the HST as part of the price.  We continue our commitment to keeping prices
as low as possible, with an emphasis on low cost opportunities for youth in the arena!

General Ice Rental (Per Hour):  $100.00
Youth Organization Rental (Per Hour):  $75 00
Birthday Party Rental
(One Hour Ice Time and One Hour Warm Room):
Public Skating – Adults:     $3.00
Public Skating – Youth/Students: $2.00
Shinny Hockey – Per Session:  $5.00
Monday Adult Skating $3.00
Monday Pre-school Skating (with an adult) FREE

Use the Schedule button to check available ice times and program contact information. For more information or to book ice time, call 584-3349. If we’re busy elsewhere at the time, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Board of Directors 2016-2017
Lynn Roscoe (Chair), Troy Emmett (Vice Chair), Dave Roscoe, Walter Illsley, Patty Guilbault,Vickie Weir,
Denise Naugler, Crystal Whitman-Weaver, Lucie Webber   



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January 2016

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Our stories have come together in a new book about the Arenas and Hockeyville, written by Dave and Paulette Whitman. The book can be purchased locally or you can contact Dave directly at




The Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena is a non-profit organization that provides a winter sports arena and a
summer indoor resource building for the community. The indoor winter ice surface sees learn-to-skate, power skating,
shinney hockey, men's hockey, women's hockey, and public/private skating opportunities provided for all ages.
The arena maintains its low cost ice rental fees through the support of its volunteers and fundraising by the community!

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