Local Information Utility :: Help


Please take the time to read through this help document - it will ensure you get the most out of this application.

All tools are discussed in their respective tabs found on the left, but some overall functionality will be quickly discussed on this page in point form:

[1] In case you missed it, when the application first loads you are greeted by a splash page. There is some information in there regarding the application version, conatct info, a disclaimer, and also where this application will go in the future.

[2] Popups are preconfigured for many layers on the map. Just click on some features and you may discover some valuable information about it. For example, you can click on any property for details, click on a building footprint to find its square footage, click on a hydrant for its details, and so on...

[3] Use the 'Snapshot' button at the bottom left of the screen to take a quick screenshot of just the map and save it to your local computer.

[4] Use the 'Contact' button near the bottom left to open your default email application and send us an email...maybe you have an idea for a new feature?

[5] For help specific to certain tools please click on the tool name to the left, we will try to add as many helpful video tutorials as we can to supplement the written help document.